Lucky Rabbit Stew

lucky rabbit stew spell

Nothing says lucky like a rabbit's foot, or a heaping bowl of hot rabbit stew. So, when you're needing a little extra good luck, or a lot of good luck, I suggest mixing up this tasty dish. Rabbit is associated with abundance, creativity, fertility, love, luck, and success. It's a potent ingredient, that with a… Continue reading Lucky Rabbit Stew

All About: Cranberry

cranberries magickal ingredient

A good kitchen witch knows what's in their pantry, and they know what it can be used for. Now, see, I love cranberries. Candied cranberries, jellied, cooked into pastries, dried and served with salad, in name it, that tart little fruit is one of my favorites. So, let's take a closer look at just… Continue reading All About: Cranberry