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All About: Cranberry

A good kitchen witch knows what’s in their pantry, and they know what it can be used for. Now, see, I love cranberries. Candied cranberries, jellied, cooked into pastries, dried and served with salad, in drinks…you name it, that tart little fruit is one of my favorites. So, let’s take a closer look at just what you can do with cranberries.

Did you know cranberries grow in bogs? When I think of bogs, it conjures up stories of witches and fae, wandering in the night. Bogs are magickal places, overflowing with energy, so it makes sense that cranberries would contain abundant magick.

Elemental Alignment: Water

Cranberries are most closely aligned with the element water. That means they’re naturally inclined for creativity, change, reflection, divination, and all the things that go along with that divine element. Now, just because cranberries are connected to water, doesn’t mean that the properties of water are all a cranberry is good for, or what it’s best for.

Magickal Correspondences: Love. Fertility. Healing. Abundance. Protection.

In the Victorian tradition of flower languages, cranberry blossoms signify that the receiver extend kindness to the one giving them the flowers, linking it to gratitude. The tale of Marajatta tells us how a maiden ate a cranberry and became pregnant with a son, tying cranberries to fertility as well.

Medicinal Uses: Antioxidant. Antibacterial. Preventing urinary tract infections. Reducing kidney inflammation. Aiding in the prevention of cholesterol plaque in arteries.

2011 study found cranberries to be powerful antioxidants, and that the berries are more effective than the juice. Two more studies (here, and here), found cranberries to be useful in heart and arterial health. This is in addition to the well known antibacterial properties of cranberries, and their established use at treating urinary tract infections.

Culinary Uses: Cranberries can be used in a great number of things in the kitchen. Jellies and jams, as garnish, in cakes and breads, on pastries, to season and flavor meats, and many more things. Add cranberries to any dish where you would like a sweet tartness. The berries pair particularly well with pork, chicken, and turkey.

All in all, cranberry is a useful ingredient to keep in your kitchen, and in your witch’s cabinet. Happy casting, lovies!

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